Tom Jones


Tom Jones

tom-jonesA resident of Central Florida, Tom Jones has been commissioned by government agencies, corporations, environmental groups, clubs, and private collectors. In answer to popular demand, he typically produces his watercolor landscapes in a series of three or five paintings around a specific theme.

“Tom Jones is a painter who possesses such power that by dipping his brushes in colored water only he gives us the feeling of being before Nature itself. Master of his craft, he obtains extremely difficult effects such as moving our soul at the sight of a beam of sunlight piercing through the foliage of the forest. That is magic; that is a great painter.”

Pablo Sansegundo-Castaneda
(Artistic grandson of Joaquin Sorolla)

His art can be found internationally in many private and corporate collections, including commissioned paintings displayed in the Florida State Capital Building, Walt Disney World Corporation, Marriott Corporation, and the Omni Corporation. Tom’s work has been featured in many books and on magazine covers as well as posters and brochures

Tom shares his passion for art and love of nature with students of varying skill levels through national and international workshops, demonstrations and instructional DVDs and books.

One in a series of video snippets from Tom Jones,
A Preparation for a Watercolor Painting – Thumbnail Sketch

“A tranquil yet exciting experience. Tom is a really an excellent teacher -almost learned too much!” – Toby P. – Participant in Tom’s Feb. workshop at the Casa

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