Dates to be Announced, Masla, Jaguar Spirit

bobPainting Your Jaguar Spirit with Artist Robert Masla (limited enrollment)

Among the Mayan and Aztec cultures the Jaguar was the embodiment of spiritual and material strength, and represented spiritual power and resourcefulness, restraint, beauty and wisdom and was often the “guardian spirit” that helped shamans move between worlds. Join artist Robert Masla for a dynamic week of exploring your inner power and personal mythology, as we “Paint our Jaguar Spirit” in the atmosphere of the nurturing and supportive environment of Casa de los Artistas. Beautifully carved wooden Jaguar masks from the state of Michoacan will be one of the canvases for this weeks workshop as we uncover symbols and meaning in our lives and adorn the masks with there power to create an object of beauty and personal significance, a manifestation and reminder of our inner resources, goals and prayers.

All materials will be supplied. We will be using acrylic paint and C.A.S. AlkydPro Alkyd paint – a fast drying “oil” medium. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of artists, from the beginner who hasn’t painted since they where a child, to serious art students wishing to broaden their repertoire, to professionals looking for fresh inspiration and a new perspective. Masla will offer suggestions and facilitate all aspects of painting your Jaguar Mask and other “shamanic objects” over the course of the week. From assisting you in preparing the surface to recieve paint, to preparing sketches and helping you in arranging the design and composition of your painting on this unique.

3 dimensional surface. Masla will demonstrate various techniques and methods for applying the paint and achieving a wide variety of effects from decorative backgrounds and finishes, to detailed symbols and illusions and applying a final finish glaze. You will leave this workshop with more than one powerful work of art that embodies your personal vision.

You can reserve your place with a $500. credit card deposit, (no surcharge) or pay in full (surcharge applies)

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