Alan Soffer and Libbie Soffer


Alan Soffer and Libbie Soffer

Alan and Libbie Soffer, creators of the Art Incubator Workshop, blend their unique talents as painters, sculptors, printmakers, collage artists, installation and conceptual aritists with their passion for TEACHING.

Alan-SofferAlan Soffer – With an extensive exhibition history going back to 1979, numerous awards and works in major collections such as Sulmainy Museum, Kurdistan, Museum de Montbelliard, France, Rosenbaum Foundation, NY, American Express, FL and Eaton Corp., OH, Alan Soffer began his artistic journey making sculptural forms in 1973, culminating that phase in a show at the Jewish Museum in Philadelphia in 1985. Purely by accident he discovered abstract painting that very same year through a workshop at Bennington College, and never looked back. His work is clearly influenced by abstract expressionists of the past century and others, such as, Rauschenberg, Rivers, Frankenthaler, Motherwell, Chagall, Dubuffet, Keifer, Mondrian, and Polke. The body of work that defined Soffer in the early nineties was about ancient healing. His current emphasis on encaustics is a perfect marriage of his two loves- sculpture and painting.

The other major direction of his work in the nineties was ‘the life cycle’, which was inspired through the teachings of Joseph Campbell. This work includes extensive treatment of creation theories, life and deconstruction, and finally rebirth. These subjects required research into science, primitive cultures and the ancient world, before, digesting and expressing the most salient features visually. Soffer continues to find Campbell to be his most important mentor. Important solo exhibitions at Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Nexus Foundation and the Borowsky Gallery in Philadelphia, from 1992 -1994 featured the combined mediums of painting, printmaking, and sculpture, which jump-started interest by the press and galleries.

An amazing encaustic painting by David Siqueiros, exhibited at MOMA in NYC, lead to incorporating this modality following studies at Ringling School of Design in 1998.
Encaustics allowed Soffer to marry a sculptural component to his painterly approach. Soffer’s use of this ancient technique of hot pigmented wax, through its inherent translucency, supports his vocabulary for expressing space from the microscopic to the galactic, and continues as his main direction to this day.

In 2005 Alan organized the first national conference on encaustics in the US and curated an exhibition surveying artists from across the country, which travelled to five venues from Maine to California. Alan went on to develop workshops primarily in the area of abstract painting, which he thought was being neglected. These workshops, which he conducts with his artist wife, Libbie Soffer, now are given internationally, as well as, at his studio outside Philadelphia.

Soffer’s exhibitions have traveled throughout the US, Argentina, Cuba, Kurdistan. Significant exhibitions have been at Widener University, Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, National Museum of American Jewish History, Hoyt Institute, Atlantic City Art Center, Sande Webster Gallery, York College, Penn State College, Penna. Academy of Fine Arts, the Print Center, Parallels Gallery, State Museum of Penna., Rosenfeld Gallery, Robert Roman Gallery, and Pippin Contemporary.

Alan Soffer and Libbie Soffer
Join Alan and Libby Soffer as they join
Casa founder/director Robert Masla
at the Casa January 9 to 16, 2016 in –
“Celebrating Creativity – Culture – Cuisine”



“Hi Alan and Libbie, I wanted to write to thank you again for an amazing experience. I will never look at art the same way again — you have truly enlightened us…
Kat, Karen, Renee and I have all been talking about how exciting the weekend was…None of us expected the fully immersive art experience we’d get. Plus, all those who went to Alan’s exhibition were blown away by the artwork. In addition to being great artists with deep ideas, you are impassioned teachers, passing along your ideas in a truly sharing environment. – Thanks so much to you both!”
– Ilene, Princeton, NJ, (2014)


“I had such a wonderful experience at the Casa I’m looking forward to my next visit there. It was an all inclusive cultural, sightseeing and art experience that taught me so much about the area, and the welcoming people at the boca. Bob Masla’s incredible art instruction, and vision fulfilled my creative needs admist the most beautiful beach and tropical landscape imaginable. With fantastic meals, transportation from and to P.V., boat and land trips and art lessons along with comfortable and charming rooms, it was an incredible value. Not to be missed.”
Anne D. – Calif.”

Libbie-SofferLibbie Soffer – An award winning artist, Libbie Soffer has been in numerous Solo and Group Exhibitions since 1986. During that time she has been lecturing, teaching and consulting internationally at museums, universities, colleges, schools and art centers and workshops from Swathmore, PA to Benares, India.

Libbie Soffers’ art is mixed media and often in the form of installation, reflecting life. For example, her exhibition, “Journal from the Studio”, consisted of 35 pieces approximately 14″ x 14″ each. They were created from muslin, silks, rayon, silkscreen, embroidery, heat transfer, marker, cotton and sewn with red thread. Using fragments from garments and old textiles, the artist created a visual journal
of women’s lives.

in Libbies own words:

“art as journey
my art making is an internal journey with external souvenirs
on my trip I carry a soup pot for serving up memories, sensations, and responses to
the world around me
a few of my traveling companions are Kiki Smith, Leslie Dill, Anne Hamilton,
Richard Tuttle, Eva Hesse, Anne Truitt, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Jay DeFeo
you will always find in my suitcase:
family photo albums
bolt of muslin
sewing needles
carpet thread
bag of clay
Caran D’ache pencils
heavy sketch paper
Elmer’s glue
oil sticks
x – acto knife
straight pins
6″ ruler
with my suitcase, soup pot, travel companions, and public radio, I travel to incredible places…there’s always room for guests on the journey..”

“Celebrating – Creativity – Culture – Cuisine”  For all level of artists, beginner to advanced
Robert Masla with guest facilitators Alan and Libbie Soffer – January 9 to 16, 2016
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“Joseph Campbell said that the key to a life well lived, with purpose and meaning was to “follow your bliss.” Great advice, but just what does that mean? Come to the Boca and meet people who are doing just that. Not just Bob and his family, but others you will encounter in the course of the week of activities embody Campbells’ advice. The things you do and see go well beyond the usual workshop experience. You will leave inspired and contemplating a return to Boca de Tomatlan.”

Pat.K. – Los Angeles

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